Little's Baby Pants Diapers, XL 24 Count with Wetness Indicator

Sold By : Born Unicorn Tech Prise Pvt. Ltd.
Brand : Little's
Deal Price : ₹ 349


Little's comfy baby pants are pant style pull up diapers. These diapers help in quick absorption and come with perfect fitment to keep your baby active during the day time and upto 12 hour absorption protection ensures long lasting dryness to help your baby have uninterrupted sleep during the night.

  • Brand : Little's
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Package Type : Packet
  • Region : India
  • Manufactured By : Millenium Babycares Pvt. Ltd
  • Marketed By : Piramal Pharma Ltd.
  • Sold By : Born Unicorn Tech Prise Pvt. Ltd.
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